Breast Diseases Clinic- Drs Gudgeon and Boeddinghaus Association

Every woman (and some men) may experience a breast complaint at some point in life. Fortunately 9 out of 10 breast problems are benign and are in no way related to cancer. Breast concerns can occur at any stage in a woman’s life.


Interest in and knowledge about breast diseases have increased immensely in recent years. Ultimately a source of hope, information that is sometimes conflicting can nevertheless cause considerable anxiety in the general population and amongst woman in particular about diseases that affect the breast. This is especially true of breast cancer.


At our Breast Diseases Clinic, we adopt a holistic approach to comprehensive breast care. We offer medical expertise including:


  •  breast screening
  •  diagnosis of both cancerous and non-cancerous conditions
  •  treatment (including chemotherapy and hormone therapy for breast cancer)
  •  post treatment quality of life.


We believe in providing accurate and up to date clinical information and cover the spectrum from risk management, through to benign and malignant conditions of the breast.


Every effort is made by each member of our team to provide optimal and compassionate patient care. Since our service is shared by three woman doctors, patients are offered an individualised experience, where each patient’s needs are known to each doctor in the team.


We work closely together with an extensive multi-disciplinary network. Sources of support include surgeons, radiation oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, general practitioners, gynaecologists, oncology nursing sisters, a psychologist(s), nutritionist(s), and palliative care organisation(s).


It is our aim to assist each woman with breast concerns in a positive way along her individual journey towards optimum breast health.



TEL: 021 531 6924

FAX: 021 531 7997




Breast Diseases Clinic- Drs Gudgeon and Boeddinghaus Association